Upperco Demolition Derby

Registration Fees

$50 for Racing (Driver and Car)

$75 for Derby (Driver and Car)

Admission Prices

$20 for adult (18 and over)

$15 for Child (12-17)

Free 11 and Under

Pit pass $25 no age restriction

Pit Gate Opens- 11AM

Registration Opens- 11AM

Tech Opens- 11:30AM

Registration Closes- 3:15 PM

Tech Closes- 3:30PM

Drivers Meeting- 3:45 PM

Show Time- 4PM

Saturday, October 12

16020 Carnival Ave

Upperco Maryland 21155

Classes and Pay Outs: 

Conventional Track Racing:

Demolition Derby Classes


2023 Upperco Rules

Conventional Racing- For all racing classes  

Power Wheel Rules

Power Wheels